Parent & Tot Swim

Designed to introduce you and your child to the water. Our ultimate goal is for your child to feel comfortable in the water leading up to independent swimming lessons.

Parents and instructors work together using age-appropriate activities in a small group setting to: 

• Help child develop body awareness and muscle coordination
• Improve fine and gross motor skills for stroke and kick technique
• Focus on breathing technique for swimming underwater
• Learn to float on back
• Teach importance of water safety

3-4 Year Old Swim

Our Preschool Swim lessons are designed to build upon basics taught in our Parent & Tot class. In this fun class we will continue to focus on skills that lead to our ultimate goal – water safety and independent swimming, such as: 

• Breathing techniques
• Beginner stroke and kick development
• Floating on back
• Increasing swim distance
• Water safety

5 Year Old Swim

Our 5 Year Old Swim class is designed with the goal of improving your child’s water safety and independent swim ability. We will: 

• Refine arm stroke and leg kick technique
• Work on breathing techniques for longer distance swimming
• Foster a love of swimming and teach basics necessary for more advanced swim technique

When Do I Register?

Detailed schedules/sessions/prices are available in March of each year. Registration begins in April 4, 2022. In August 2022 our Milwuakee location will have year-round swim lessons. 

**If registering for multiple summer 2022 sessions, payment will be due for both sessions upon enrollment.

What Should My Child Wear?

Girls are encouraged to wear one-piece swimsuits and hair should be pulled up securely. Boys should wear swim shorts. No jewelry is allowed. Goggles and swim caps are allowed but not required. Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for children ages 6-8. Please phone the TEGA Kids office at (806) 866-9765 for program details, schedules, and fees.

Coming Fall 2022

Heated INDOOR Swimming Pool at Milwaukee Location!

• Year-round INDOOR swim instruction
• 90-92 degree water
• Superior water quality 
• Proven swim and water safety curriculum 
• Convenient changing rooms
• Comfortable viewing for parents
• PLUS…available for parties, Kids Day Out and Preschool Enrichment Program

Stay TUNED for more information!